SELCUK CEBECIOGLU / Principal and Creative Director


Selcuk Cebecioglu is a Turkish/Canadian graphic designer, an artist and a father living in Toronto. He has a graduate degree in graphic design from the Faculty of Arts and Design Istanbul. He is well-known in the industry and has received over forty awards and got showcased in international graphic design publications.

Selcuk’s cross-cultural life and design experience have led him to research, present and publish work that investigates the intersections between graphic design and culture and their impact on the design industry.

Logo Design
Brand Identity Design
Packaging Design
Print Design
Web Templates Design



In the past years, some of our works have been featured on various inspiration websites, books and magazines.

2016 Graphis Award Winner (Death in Venice Logo)
2012 Logolounge Award Winner (REG Canada Logo)
2011 Logolounge Award Winner (Cignias Software Logo)
2011 Logolounge Award Winner (Lavandale Home Logo)
2011 Logolounge Award Winner (Dr. Bruce Glazer Logo)
2011 Wolda '10 Award Winner (Dr. Bruce Glazer logo)
+ more than 40 awards (1984 to 2010)


Phase 1
Clarify vision, strategies, goals and values • Evaluate existing brands and brand architecture

Phase 2
Synthesize learnings • Clarify brand strategy • Develop a positioning platform • Create a visuel strategy

Phase 3
Visualize the future • Design brand identity • Examine applicability

Phase 4
Finalize identity solution • Design identity program • Initiate trademark protection • Prioritize and design applications

Phase 5
Build synergy around new brand • Launch internally first • Launch externally • Develop standards & guidelines

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  • Dr. Bruce Glazer
  • Dr. Dmitri Svirsky
  • Dr. Elaine Stein
  • Dr. Arvind Kataria
  • Dr. Arlene Caringal
  • Dr. Saed Jafari
  • Dr. M. Strugurescu
  • Junction Design
  • Pemeco
  • Ideal Construction
  • PlusOneMinusOne
  • Passion Flowers
  • C Opticians
  • Avenue Dental Centre
  • Therme
  • Global Brand Leaders
  • Ajma
  • Sidechain
  • Lavandale
  • Ideal Tile
  • Modastic
  • Smart
  • Jumping Fish
  • Unitrak
  • Cappadocia Gift Shop
  • Death in Venice Gelato
  • Cignias Inc.
  • Knowable

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